Michele Fabbricatore

Michele Fabbricatore was born in Florence and currently works and exhibits with many galleries across Italy and Europe. Rostra Gallery are pleased to be the first UK based gallery to display Michele’s work.


Michele works with various types of clay but particularly enjoys working with stoneware adding enamels and oxides. He studied at the Florence Academy of Art in 2008 and now has a studio in Pistoia where he can continue his love of ceramics.


Michele is inspired by history, fables and mythology; he enjoys exploring different ideas and stories and finding a way to convey them in his work. Sometimes these stories will be romantic, sometimes poetic and sometimes filled with irony!


Michele combines what he is drawn to and what he is passionate about, which often includes “Orlando Furioso” (The Frenzy of Orlando), an Italian epic poem that had a profound influence on later culture. Michele will take these influences and work them into his ceramics, interpreted and reviewed with an ironic and surreal eye.



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