Pratima Kramer

Pratima Kramer is originally from Gujarat, India, but moved to the UK in 1978 and now lives and works in Hertfordshire. As a creative artist, she works predominantly in ceramic and glass. Her signature pieces have a distinctive — and often fetchingly quirky — ethnic nature, inspired by her intimate experiences of Indian life and its rich and vibrant culture. 

Pratima trained at Camberwell, St. Martins, and the University of Hertfordshire. As well as Rostra Gallery Patrima's work has regularly featured in major UK exhibitions, including Art in Clay, PotFest, Earth & Fire, and at the V&A-curated Morley Gallery Exhibition in London.Selected pieces are also currently on display in a number of private galleries around the UK, including the Cecilia Coleman Gallery, Erwood Station Gallery, Pyramid Gallery, Red Barn Gallery, Emporium Gallery, Blandscliff Gallery and Little Bird Gallery.
In 2013, for a piece entitled 'Raj Mahal', Pratima was awarded First Prize for 'Best 3D Work' in an open exhibition held at the Maynard Gallery, Welwyn Garden City. The judging panel commented: "Although this is ceramic, it also has a pictorial quality to it... So many intricate designs, from the sculpted windows to the detail on the elephants. Colours so rich and earthy... very evocative of India... Almost like a view of the country seen from the air!" 



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