Kath Cooper

Kath first worked with clay at secondary school and knew this was going to be a life-long passion. She gained a BA Hons Degree in Three-dimensional Design – Ceramics from Cardiff Art College in 1990 and has been involved in Ceramics in some way ever since.


First she worked for five years at Prinknash Pottery and gained experience in various production techniques. After this, she went on to teach adult pottery classes for eight years and worked as a pottery and art technician in colleges and schools. Kath also ran ceramic sessions in school Art Weeks, including a large mural project. Kath is still involved in teaching pottery to brain injury survivors at Headway, Gloucestershire. At present, Kath works in white earthenware and coloured slips and hand draw her designs using scraffito. She also uses her own handmade ceramic stamps to make impressed designs into the soft clay.




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