Tracey Benton

Tracey Benton is a fibre artist based in North Devon who creates sculptures of British wildlife from wool using a process called needle-felting.


Tracey originally studied and explored ceramics with tutors such as Ellie Bartleman and Chris Taylor, but the moment she started experimenting with wool, she was hooked. Tracey has taught herself to felt and has taken to it like a duck to water.

Using a special needle with tiny notches that catch and bind the fibres together Tracey sculpts each piece individually by hand. A single piece takes several hours to make. Details are added to the work using embroidery and beads.

Not wanting to waste all that ceramics training, Tracey has been able to incorporate her ceramic knowledge into her work and make bases for each sculpture. She also adds tiny details such as ceramic flowers and ground cover so each completed and mounted sculpture is truly unique. Tracey is drawn to the mixed media aspect of her work and this is an area that continues to evolve as she explores it further.





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