Tully Knight

Tully Knight first became interested in sculpture and ceramics while doing a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design.  She then spent several years working in the equestrain industry in America, Australia and the UK, where she qualified a a TTEAM practitioner, exploring alternative methods of approach to physical and behavioural problems in both horses and companion animals


After her children were born she rediscovered ceramics and started combining her love of animals with a new found love for Raku firing methods.


Her work is hand built and mainly fired in a gas Raku kiln.  In the Raku kiln the sculpture is exposed to rapid climbs in temperature until glaze maturity is reached (which is judged by eye), then it is placed directly from the kiln into a reduction container.  This method is volatile and a little unpredictable, but the results offer originality and personality to her pieces.



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