Simon Griffiths

Although Simon Griffiths studied English at University he has drawn and sculpted for pleasure for many years and now makes it his full time occupation.


Simon grew up in rural County Durham, which David Bellamy has described as England’s last wilderness and this is where he draws his inspiration as well as his great respect and passion for the natural world. He does most of his collecting of reference material in the locality and can often be seen with his sketching equipment and camera quietly observing the birdlife. Working closely with local bird sanctuaries has allowed him to carefully study the form, structure and character of birds that he then translates into his sculptures.


All of Simon’s work is hand finished. The larger sculptures are constructed using wooden armatures for support. When completed they are removed and hollowed out to reduce the risk of exploding in the kiln. After drying and bisque firing the pieces are treated with a selection of oxides, slips and stains and re-fired. A process that may be repeated several times in order to achieve the layering in the mottled plumage effect.


Simon’s ceramics are fired to stoneware after having a number of commissions for outdoor pieces that make them frost proof. The wood that Simon uses for mounting the pieces on is all recycled either bought from local farmers or from reclamation yards (an important detail for Simon who strongly believes in sustainability).


Original Ceramic Sculpture




Bronze Resin Sculpture





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