Josie Jo

Josie Jo enjoys a hands on approach to her illustration, choosing to make marks on paper before refining her work. She finds inspiration in people, animals and places and enjoys drawing all of these things from life in her sketchbooks.


Her work is filled with whimsical characters and has a naive childlike quality to it which seems to appeal to both adults and children alike. She loves making a mess in the studio and developing her illustrations through the media of printmaking. Since graduating from BA Illustration and Animation at Kingston University Josie has had the pleasure of exhibiting her work through out the UK. She has been commissioned by a wide range of clients; AMV BBDO, 23Red, Isobel, Litmus Blue, Heavenly, The Telegraph, The Independent, Sight and Sound, Men's Health, LGC, SFX, Inside Housing, Bulletin, Pearson, The Almanac Gallery and Paperchase to name a few.

She has also enjoyed guest lecturing at several Universities and illustration events. Josie lives with her husband in a small south coast town near Brighton, she enjoys baking cakes, walks along the sussex coast and sausage dog spotting.



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