Ed Boxall

Ed Boxall is an artist, writer and printmaker. In Ed's work, warm, earthy images of family life mix with magic and myth. Many of his handmade prints capture moments from life: children's encounters with animals, walking on the beach, eating porridge and peas. Other images have a more ambiguous poetry: people light fires in sea shells and drift on empty seas.


His 'Pearbox Books' explore this world including 'The Rooftop Garden', and his popular 'Storm Tree Stories'.
"The Books have... an almost spiritual sense of connection between people and places and the natural world" (Katriona Chapman)
Ed performs his stories with his own 'magic lantern' style projections and giant pop-up paper cut out silhouettes, illuminated with fairy lights.
"Beautifully, wonderfully, inspiringly tingle-making" (feedback from a story telling session)
Ed graduated from St Martin's College in 1999. He had several books published by Walker books before independently establishing his practice.




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