Ruth Broadway

Ruth graduated in Illustration from the University of the West of England in 1998. Her current body of work focuses on the domestic and cherished objects in daily use at home.


She makes large scale line drawings in black and white which have a power and beauty that make the viewer feel as if they know the intimate scenes which have occurred around those little collections of teacups, vases and dinner things.


The collection includes prints made using lino cuts, brooches, earrings and necklaces, all capturing recognizable elements of the everyday. As an established artist and illustrator, Ruth has also worked with architectural glass, sculpture, knitting, millinery and has produced collections of handmade clothes for babies.



Ruth’s new collection, Spectrum (Mono Screen Prints) come to us from a group show, Colour CODED, at which Ruth drew upon skill sharing sessions and group discussions with other members of the show, to explore her personal response to the themes of colour and shape. SPECTRUM falls loosely into two parts: The first sees Ruth exploring the controlled and careful placement of repeated shapes and considered colour selection to create bold and minimalist screen prints. The second, where she works in a more organic manner, using paper stencils and transparent inks in multiple layers to achieve the full spectrum of colours and both planned and unexpected patterns.















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