Barry Reigate

Barry Reigate was born in 1971 in London. He studied at Camberwell College of Arts (1990-93) and then Goldsmiths (1995-97).


Barry's work has been described as ‘pop porn’: he uses debased sexual cartoon ephemera to provide a critical allegory for art historical attitudes as well as current cultural zeitgeist. He merges the gloss of graphic design with integrity of expressionism, creating packed and jumbled compositions often with a lecherous/fetishist theme. His use of controversial subjects highlights the hypocrisy that surrounds issues such as sexuality, art, race and class offering up darkly humorous parodies of today’s attitudes.


His work has been featured in solo shows in London at Nang Gallery (2009), Paradise Row (2008) and Trolley Gallery (2006) and group shows  ‘Rude Britannia: British Comic Art’,  Tate Gallery (2010) and ‘Newspeak: British Art Now’, Saatchi Gallery (2010).



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