Lee Crew

Lee studied at the School of Art in Cheltenham, where his work became increasingly abstract. During this time he was particularly influenced by Terry Frost and by the American Abstract Expressionists. He continued to paint full time after college, founding a co-operative silkscreen studio. 


He was first attracted to screen-printing because of its creative possibilities, the intense colour and  ability to layer flat areas of transparent and opaque colours added a new dimension to his work. 


He says of his own work "many of my prints and paintings use the broader landscape as their starting point and the titles often reflect this. My recent work has become inspired more by a feeling of time and season. I have always loved the colours of Autumn and Winter with its fireworks, fairgrounds; Christmas lights and sparkle - though I look forward to the new season and especially the coming of Spring. These prints are a celebration of energy, life and growth. I have tried to reflect this feeling of fresh optimism and the excitement of Spring speeding into Summer."



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