Sonia Rollo

Sonia Rollo was born and brought up near Manchester. She attended the University of Glasgow, graduating in 1968 with a degree in Botany. For several years, Sonia worked as editor of a scientific journal and in 1988 began to study printmaking at Morley College.


Sonia grew up surrounded by a selection of different animals who would become her inspiration. Alongside an ever-expanding cast of animals, she has produced many etchings depicting hares and these charming and humorous works have won her a strong following.


Sonia is a founder member of Half Moon Printmakers, a member of the co-operatives Southbank Printmakers and Greenwich Printmakers, and a past vice-chair of the Printmakers' Council. She has exhibited throughout the UK since 1993, and her work has proved particularly popular in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions.



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