Storm Thorgerson

Born in Dartford, Kent in 1944, Storm Thorgerson went to school with Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. He studied English and Philosophy at university before going on to complete an MA in Film and Television at the Royal College of Art.


Storm designed album cover art for over 40 years. He designed many of the most famous album covers in history, including Pink Floyd's instantly recognisable Dark Side of the Moon. Many of his classic album covers have become masterpieces in their own right, their designs noticeable for their surreal elements. He often places objects out of their traditional context, setting them in vast spaces that give them an awkward appearance whilst highlighting their beauty; astonishingly, many of his album covers were designed before the advent of advanced computer design software and created through the use of photography to capture a handmade scene of props, paint and sculpture.


His career as an artist began accidentally; around the time of his graduation from the Royal College Pink Floyd were completing their second album A Saucerful of Secrets, when a friend turned down the job of creating its sleeve. With no background in art or graphic design Thorgerson volunteered to step into the fold...and the rest, as they say, is history...


Storm Thorgerson passed away in April 2013, aged 69. 



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