Jane Ormes

Born in 1964, Jane Ormes' work work is instantly recognisable and highly praised for its blend of cute characters, colours and sense of humour.


A top seller at the London and Bristol Affordable Art Fairs, her screenprints, also known as serigraphs or silk-screen prints, are printed using a screen made from fine fabric, generally silk, stretched over a frame. The non-printing areas are blocked off with a filler or stencil using a hand-painted or photographic image. The open areas of the mesh will print the image. The paper is placed beneath the screen and the ink is pulled across the screen using a rubber blade. The ink, passing through the open mesh of the screen is deposited on the paper below.


Jane's achievements have been many including award winning design work for Greenpeace and the Design Council’s Young designers. She has been commissioned by Marks and Spencer, Dorling Kindersley and Oxford University Press amongst many others. Jane has exhibited regularly in group and solo shows since graduating in the late 1980’s.


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