Helen Rowe

Growing up in London, Helen’s father, a coppersmith, taught her a few basic techniques of working with metal – enough to start creating her own copper jewellery whilst still at school.

She went on to study Typography & Graphic Communication at university, and worked in television and interactive multi-media before doing a short - two day course in silver jewellery making, and making a move back into jewellery. Now living and working in Bristol, her work is still influenced by her background in graphic design, exploring the simplicity of strong, clean lines and the coherence that similar but more irregular, organic shapes can bring to the whole. Her jewellery is made using a variety of methods from casting to manual forming, and is finished in a manner sympathetic to the original design. This can be milling and burnishing to add texture and bring out the inherent quality of the silver or the selective colouring of areas to accent the shape of the piece. The colouring typically involves either oxidisation or the application of various carat golds or palladium leaf to provide subtly different shades to suit different skin tones.




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