Sarah Weiss

Sarah has creates pieces of jewellery which act as bodily sculptures, adorning and enhancing the contours of the body. She likes to design body jewellery that gives the wearer another sense of self. Having placed the item on, one can transform their persona.


She translates her vision of each piece into her work, invoking a sensual and mysterious quality. She loves to work with colours, from rich fiery tones to soft pale hues. Her use of the age-old Native American flat peyote stitch remains visible beneath the clusters and colours. Sarah appreciate the wonder and simplicity of this very beautiful ancient craft and combine this craft with my contemporary yet timeless visions, to create elegant, stylish designs.

This technique produces a mesh-like fabric of beads. She says of her work, “I like to think of my pieces as wearable works of art, a soft suit of armour, delicate woven web-like body adornment. My pieces incorporate quartz crystals, a myriad of semi-precious stones, and ethically- sourced porcupine quills along with gold, glass and sterling silver beads. My work has been seen as a “Collector’s Item” for the past ten years.”

In 2005 Sarah Weiss was nominated under the category of Best Jewellery Designer at the UK Retail Jeweller Awards in London. She now lives in the countryside with her husband on the outskirts of Bath, England but learnt the traditional art of bead-weaving twenty years ago in California. She subsequently attended art college in London to further her knowledge and experience of designing and making exquisite jewellery.

Her jewellery has been featured in The Times newspaper, Financial Times “How to spend it”, London Evening Standard, Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, Japanese Times, Bride Magazine, Bath Life, Harrods 150 Year Book, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines.


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