Anita Peach

Anita has had a varied and interesting journey to become a jeweller. Her background is in Technical Illustration and Cartography, but in the mid 90's she changed direction and took a Degree in 3D Design at The University of the West of England, specialising in Ceramics. Anita did a brief spell as Technician there and for a while made ceramic timepieces until her love of nature took over and she started making bird sculptures.


However life often turns full circle and Anita now finds herself in a world where precision and accuracy are once again an important part of the process. In 2008 she attended a jewellery course at Touchmark Studios and she has been making jewellery ever since. All of Anita’s work is hand made using traditional tools i.e. saws, hammers, files, and sandpaper. Anita uses both Fine and Sterling Silver when making her jewellery. With the Anodised Aluminium, she uses special dyes and inks to create patterns or plain areas of colour. All sorts of interesting techniques can be used including printing, painting or drawing on the surface. The pieces are then boiled to fix the colour, making it permanent.



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