Lucy Farley

Lucy Farley’s new screen prints are inspired by places of interest and history. Her aim is to build up a record of time, spirit and changing feelings of each place. Lucy Farley (1982-) lives and works in London. She studied at Central St. Martins graduating in 2005, and has an MA in printmaking from the Royal College of Art (2009), she recently completed a two-year Fellowship at the Royal Academy. Exhibitions in London have included the ‘Originals’ Printmaking show at the Mall Galleries in London, as well as The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in 2008, 2009 and 2010.



“Painting, drawing and printmaking are all part of my practice. I am interested in depicting places that I have a personal connection with or a history that inspires me. My work aims to build up a record of time, spirit of place and changing feelings which occur through travel, my existence in the city and a connection with nature and the landscape. ‘The fragments of memory, past sensations and experiences, that are associated with a particular urban or natural landscape, form the basis of my work.

I am interested in the pictorial deconstruction and rearrangement of landscape, the figure and still life. Seen and felt experiences, combined with repeated drawing and documentation, allow me to present the subject within a new context and explore the spirit of place, objects and the human condition in relation to this. Through this reorganisation on paper and canvas, we as viewers experience a shift in perceived realities and question our mental and physical state within our immediate surroundings.

I am drawn to the tension and play between 'real and illusory 'space and spending time in a given place allows imagery to sift into a reference library of remembered forms, which is almost subconscious in it's operations when I work on prints, paintings and ceramics back in the studio.

It is important I work in situ on Printmaking plates, paper and drafting film, directly from the landscape, figure or interior. There is a speed and spontaneity I wish to capture in my original drawings, which I can manipulate, but always keep in the finished works.









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