Marc Heaton

Marc was born in South Wales in 1973. He graduated with a B.A in fine art from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London 1996 and has been producing artwork for over two decades.


As a very young boy, he realised early that his talents and interests lay in his observational skills, not only of his natural surroundings, nature and land, but of people, drawn into his life and how they affected it. “Time stops for no one but through the work I can hold onto it for a bit longer” “everything in life is impermanent” through his artwork he has tried to show his response to this passage of time within an ever shifting/changing society. His studio in Devon England is a colourful humorous mix of found objects, and materials paintings drawings and sculptures, it’s like walking into his own wonderland, his artwork has bent and shaped itself to respond to each unique and personal perspective he has of this ‘colourful disorder of the present time in which we live.

The work is based on spontaneity and experiments with out any preconceived plan. The paintings are built up of hoarded disconnected fragments of knowledge like threads of memory stitched together until a knot of shapes and lines reveal a clear image that only exists in me. Like a great collection each piece is woven together into a personnel puzzle.

Over the years influences such as Ronald Searle, Punch illustrator's, The Cobra movement Picasso, Pollock and great comedians and writers Spike Milligan, Edward Lear and Peter Sellers have all shaped his art. In the silence of the studio with no distractions, only then can all the scribbles, marks, lines and shapes reveal themselves like sentences twisted together like an autobiography. “I'm alone in my world”.



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