Christina Holvey

Christina Holvey’s art is all about simplicity, although texture and colour are also important to her. She enjoys thinking up scenarios and placing characters into those places in her paintings. Juxtapositions often occur and what ‘looks right’ can happen quite randomly.


Christina’s favourite ingredient is colour which uses in bold abandon. She uses oil paints which have great depth and versatility. Inspiration comes from people she loves, birds in her garden, and sheep in Somerset fields to name just a few of her sources. The ultimate goal for Christina is to make a painting appear simple without losing the essence of her subject and as such her palette, subject and forms come together to make a very striking yet unfussy piece of art that is beguiling.


As well as an artist, Christina is a film-maker at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol. When making wildlife films, moulding moving images of animals into that of captivating characters is the skill of the story teller and it is this which has informed Christina’s new found passion in painting on canvas rather than in the editing suite. Both her film work and her painting influence each other giving her work a unique and interesting depth.



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