Spanky and Jones

Spanky and Jones are Jewellery makers, Libby Noble and Hazel Sangster. They work out of their studio in Eastbourne.


The concept of ‘carving’ intricate shapes from vintage tea plates and making them into jewellery was conceived by Libby Noble in 2014 after admiring jewellery made from broken unshaped shards of pottery and ceramics.


Libby had a background in making fused and stained glass hangings, which were popular with galleries locally. Over time Libby developed a process whereby the delicate china pieces that she experimented with, could be finely and precisely cut into quirky and original pieces of jewellery.


Hazel Sangster, Libbys daughter in Law, works alongside Libby. She shares Libbys care and attention to detail and adds a fresh young dimension to the design process. Recently a new process involving sandblasting the china has been introduced.




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