Colin Chetwood

After studying sculpture at the Slade School of Art in the early 1980s, Colin set up a studio in London producing forged steel furniture and gates. His work sold to clients both in the UK and abroad and was featured in many national magazines due to its unique nature.


Needing to find new horizons in the mid 1990's he spent some time travelling, working for firms and making sculpture for noted artists. It was during his time in Germany that he became interested in combining the warm qualities of copper with the subtle colours of paper, one of the world's oldest materials, to create lamps inspired by natural forms.


Colin's range of lighting includes wall lights, desk lamps, standing lamps with bases, lampshades and sculptural lighting. He uses a range of colours for his paper shades to compliment the copper bases. He also works with a range of other metals, some lamps are entirely constructed in metal with textured or manipulated surfaces. Colin also produces other items including mirrors and furniture and undertakes commissions.



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