Phaedra Politis

Phaedra Glass, established by Phaedra Politis is based in the South West. A design and manufacture business specializing in kiln fired glass architecture and art.


Phaedra offers both contemporary and classical styles, which have varying degrees of exciting vibrant colours to soft and subtle tones; tactile textures and unique designs that will help make your home or workplace feel truly special. Phaedra has been working as a glass artist and designer for over ten years. Initial training was at an educational center for glass near Bath, formerly known as “The Liquid Glass Centre” and now "The Glass Hub" where I learnt the techniques of glass fusion through kiln firing. Since then Phaedra has been learning her craft and evolving the glassware through experimentation. She sees the earlier years as her apprenticeship years, honing her skills and refining the designs and techniques to create ever more subtle and fine glasswork. Phaedra is inspired by her Welsh/Greek childhood. Hours of playing in the mountains amongst the subtle tones of the heathers, wild grasses and the beautiful lichen and moss covered rocks and then annual holidays to the bright and colourful country of Greece with it's vivid turquoise sea and amazing sunsets. The design is drawn on to the first layer of glass and every line is then cut with a hand held glasscutter. Every cut piece of glass has its own layer of glass enamel powder sprinkled on. Often a combination of colours will be used to add tone and depth. These are all placed together in a jigsaw fashion in the kiln and a top layer of glass is added before firing. Once fired, the glass is cleaned and if necessary the edges will be ground down and polished. .



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