Janine Roper

Local ceramicist Janine Roper has a first class degree from the prestigious ceramic department at Bath Spa University. Her fine porcelain work is a fascinating blend of older motifs with contemporary shapes and uses. Made for enjoying, Janine’s work is attractive and dainty whilst having a strong practical element.


Janine is inspired by ancient Chinese pottery, 17th century Delftware and English ‘Sunday best’ services. She uses oxides, mainly cobalt blue, to decorate her hand built porcelain pieces.


Although the work is very carefully made with incredibly hard techniques to learn, Janine likes to give her work an informal softness. Rather than make the work look untouched by the human hand she hand cuts the wet porcelain which gives it a charming quality that she admires in other older table services. Gold lustre is applied on edges and tips which adds to the already pretty blue and white, making them truly luxurious pieces to own.



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