Simon Tozer

Simon Tozer was born in 1965 in Oxford, but spent his formative years in Devon in a hamlet perched on the lip of an extinct volcano. In this remote farming area, animals were more numerous than people, and an interest the mystery of animals, their inscrutability and ambivalent manner began there.  


Following a painting degree at Portsmouth Polytechnic Simon studied printmaking at Chelsea College of Art, where he discovered screen printing, the process he still uses to produce his work. Subsequent to his MA Simon worked as a scenic painter and muralist but escaped the city at last moving to Bristol in 2002.


He makes prints primarily from his imagination, the ideas developed through drawing and redrawing.  He has certain themes that he keeps returning to; the idea of movement and stasis, and the use of animals, particularly bears to embody states of mind.   


Screen print uses stencils rendered onto a fine nylon mesh stretched on a frame, the silkscreen. Prints are built up in layers, and each colour is created from a different drawing, which Simon creates by painting in gouache onto film. The colour layers are then printed one at a time using a squeegee. The final print is the original artwork, since prior to this it exists only as a group of monochromatic drawings.


Below is a collection of his Bath pieces, for further items please see his full collection here.




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